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“We have always been told, work for what you want and what you want will work” 

In all Honesty this was just an esports team filled with a group of close mates. It was never meant to be more. Until a dear friend of mine tragically passed to suicide. It hit home. It was real. Very real.

It created a spark, a spark like no other. Like the spark of an engine. With maintenance It drove. It drove compassion, motivation, unity and a passion. A passion to create the Next Reality, the Next Reality this world needs.

Not only did this change myself for the better, at work, in my educational career and as a person.

It was infectious, the mission and motivation I now had, flooded into my team and those around me. The rest is now. 

“The day Hell freezes over is the day we stop”

Our Story

We are the Next Reality,

Like all great things we started small, real small. I'm talking one guy with a mission, drive and passion to make a statement, small.

Very quickly he grew, grew into a passionate, driven, talented and motivated team and community. Made of people here to create a culture. To create a better future for themselves.

“We have always been told, work for what you want and what you want will work”

Based off an old saying,

“If you stick around a barber shop long enough, you will get a haircut” Stay Consistent. Stay Driven.

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Our mission

We have a lot we want to achieve as a team and as individuals. The mission for this company and team is to create and maintain a positive, accepting and loyal culture. To change ourselves and the world for the better, to create a culture that infects for the better those arounds us. To achieve and do everything they dream of!

Our merchandise and clothing line will be produced with high quality Australian sourced or made material where we achieve a top tier level of quality products while supporting our local economy. All hand made and produced by our small team. 

We aim to do numerous charitable events, to support and drive the things closest to us all. The team and community around us.

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Australian Made

Made From Australian Made or Sourced Material

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Made By Us

Made by our very own team or other small Australian Businesses

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Our packing and disposable materials are all mostly made from biodegradable or completely recycled materials

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